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Welcome to Hudson Coffee Traders brand, spankin’ new blog!

If you’re here with us as we launch then you probably already know us. And, if you know us then we know you love our coffee. So, here’s your chance to get to know us even  better and love us even more. Every Tuesday we’ll be posting what’s going on in our world along with  information to help make your world tastier, fresher and perhaps a tad more interesting.

This is where we’re going to keep you up to date on what’s new at Hudson Coffee Traders, menu specials, art openings and special events. But it’s also where we’ll  delve in to the provenance of our beans, explore the health benefits, myths and history of coffee, highlight some our Uptown Kingston neighbors and customers, share some recipes and tips for using our beans at home and even talk about the best extraction techniques. Food, science, art and culture. Who could ask for anything more?

Oh yes, and this is also the place we’ll be announcing specials and coupons exclusively for the members of our blog, Facebook and Twitter communities. So… we hope you’ll join us via RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter or email subscription every Tuesday.

Just as our coffee is your daily indulgence we hope you’ll find this blog to be an indispensable weekly time out to feed your mind and your coffee jones.


Comments on: "Get to Know Us" (1)

  1. hooray! Thank you for doing this! I love your coffee and am excited about this link to my favorite” home away from home” in Uptown Kingston!

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