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Keep The Love Moving

St. Valentine gave the Hudson Valley the gift of a beautiful, sunny and warm day on February 14th. It was a welcome, if brief, respite from the hard and rather relentless winter we’ve been experiencing and the perfect embodiment of love’s warm embrace. Even if we think of Valentine’s day as a Hallmark Holiday, it is nice to take a day to remember to spread the love around. Whether your Valentine was your partner, your kids or a crafty co- worker it’s comforting in the know that someone, somewhere is thinking of you.

However, some of our neighbors are having a much harder time remembering that and getting through this winter,  a one day break in the weather is not nearly enough to warm them up. The current economic climate is pushing our Uptown Kingston friends Family of Woodstock to the limit. They are having  difficulty meeting the large demand  for some very basic necessities. If they cannot provide these goods to their clientele then that means there are many who are simply going without.

The needs are simple and yet very diverse. Here is a list of some of the items that are needed:

Warm blankets

Sheets and Pillow cases


Alarm clocks

Pots and Pans

Gently worn shoes & boots

Children’s clothing

Warm Coats

Hats, Gloves, Scarves

We realize that just 2 months ago Donna asked you to help Family out and we are once again asking for your help, but  this time we are sweetening the pot. To thank you for  your contribution of new or gently worn clothes and household goods etc… a great hot 8oz cup of our coffee awaits you when you bring your donation into the shop between February 15th and the end of the month. (Please place your donation in a bag or box for easy transport.) It’s our way of thanking you for helping to care for our neighbors. Let’s not wait for the one day on the calendar to share the love.


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  1. I’m a college student and don’t get to go back home to Kingston until my break in the middle of March..could I still bring items by then? (No free coffee needed 🙂

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