Fresh Pressed News

Since we opened nearly three years ago our round room gallery has been honored to host shows by some amazing artists. Our next show, featuring paintings by Jennifer Leighton, is no exception to the rule. We are very excited to have her vivid and evocative works coming to stay with us for awhile.

Perhaps it is wisest to let Jennifer describe her work herself:

I am a multimedia abstract painter.

In painting, as in my work as a therapist, I am awed and enlivened by the unexpected – the surprise. My desire to paint is driven by possibilities I have not yet imagined.

Often my paintings are different from one another and reflect complex and varied places inside myself.  I am passionate about color, form and texture. I strive to use this passion to find resonance with my audience.

When the muse is with me, “my heart breaks… [sic] loose on the wind.” (Neruda)

– Jennifer Leighton

We hope you will join us on Saturday, March 5th for an opening reception with the artist.

( Don’t forget, you can still bring in donations for Family of Kingston until the end of the month and enjoy an 8oz coffee on us.)


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