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From Bolivia with Love

It’s March! We made it through. It doesn’t matter what mother nature sends our way at this point because we know we’re almost in the clear and warm weather will be here a lot sooner than later. A little March snow isn’t going to stop us from celebrating around here, no Siree- Bob!

What better way to commemorate the re-appearance of  geese, songbirds and snow-bells than with a limited run of  a very special coffee? Beginning Friday, for one week only we are pleased to be able to feature Cenaproc from Counter Culture.

Cenaproc is raised by a cooperative of farmers in a remote corner of Bolivia called the Yungas Valley.  The beans are harvested in the fall making for a perfect Medium Roast at this time of year. The creamy, well balanced Cenaproc has a hint of smoke and spice and the bittersweet chocolate flavor that is classically delicious.

Photo courtesy of Counter Culture

The Cenaproc cooperative is largely responsible for a major step forward for Bolivian coffee. Long held to be inferior to South American beans, Bolivian coffee was perceived by most as flat, bland or even flat out bad. Even though high altitudes make for great coffee Bolivia, or more specifically the La Paz region, suffered from too much altitude.  Prior to the birth of the Cenaproc Cooperative even the beans grown in the more suitable Yungas valley suffered as they had to be transported to La Paz for drying while in their most sensitive “wet stage”. The road between Yungas and La Paz is a treacherous mountain climb rife with blockages and closings. All too often the beans arrived  too late for their true nature to survive the drying and roasting processes.

The  Cenaproc Cooperative changed all that when they built  a drying facility in close proximity to the  Yungas valley farmers.

We are grateful that someone had the dynamic and sustainable idea to bring the drying facility to the farmers thereby enabling them to show off their splendid beans that we in turn  get to enjoy as we warm up for Spring.

In addition to this limited run of Cenaproc, we are brewing Peruvian French Roast and Decaf. Get ’em while they’re hot!


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