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We live, eat and breathe coffee here at HCT. And we thought we knew a thing or two about it. That is until we started digging around the interweb. We learned so much about our favorite beverage, it was eye opening. Yes, even more eye opening than our first cup on a Sunday morning. Since knowledge is power we thought it wise to share some of what we learned with you all.

Over 1,400,000,000 cups are consumed each and every day worldwide

Coffee is the world’s second most widely used commodity  second only to oil

While water is the world’s most popular drink, coffee comes in at a whopping #2

A Coffee tree has a 50-70 year life span

Constantinople (modern day Turkey) was the birthplace of the first Coffeehouses around 1475

Both Lloyds of London and The New York Stock Exchange began their lives as Coffee Houses

The rich sweet aroma of coffee we love so much  develops during the 10th minute of roasting

In 1908 Melitta Benz grew weary of grinds in her coffee and used a piece of her sons blotting paper to make the world’s first paper filter

The origin of the word Coffee is not known for certain but it could be traced to KAFFA the Ethiopian province in which is was first discovered or it could have come from the Turkish KAHWE which means to roast or perhaps its root is CAHOUAH, a hunger curing drink in Arabic.

Contrary to popular belief, a cup of espresso actually contains 1/3 less caffeine than brewed coffee

A coffee bean is actually a seed inside of bright red berry (see the photo above)

All of the world’s coffee is grown in the BEAN BELT which lays between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn


Okay, that’s enough coffee knowledge for one week. But, if you have some facts you want to drop on us, write ’em up in the comments- we’re always hungry for more of the 411 on coffee.





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