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Kingston’s New Farm

We all know that Kingston is home to one  of the best Farmers Markets in the area but this summer it will also be home (once again) to a small scale farm of its very own.

When Jesica Clark, who had been a manager at the Phillies Bridge Farm Project in New Paltz moved to Kingston to be closer to her then fiance (now husband)  she thought perhaps her farming days were over. But, after 1 year away from working the land she knew she needed to get to doing what she does best,  growing food and community.

Working together with Rebecca Martin of The Kingston Land Trust they approached Diane Davenport of the Binnewater Ice Company. Binnewater had opened  the 1/4 lot at 27  S. Pine Street up a few years ago as a community garden plot. There were a number of community members who created garden plots for themselves there but the garden lacked cohesive management. With Jesica at the helm the garden will continue to be a place for the community to gather, enjoy the beauty of the open space and reap the benefits of the harvest.

While the farm is hoping to be able to sell produce at the farm it will also be supplying The Queen’s Galley with fresh, wholesome, very locally grown produce which they will use in both their soup kitchen meals as well as for their Cooking Matters classes. Cooking Matters is a nationwide curriculum that teaches people on a limited budget how to cook using fresh, wholesome, nutrient rich foods. The program, nationally underwritten by ConAgra is a platform of Share our Strength offer classes to kids, teens and adults. The farm will also be supplying some local businesses (like yours truly) with fresh produce.

Although the growing space this year will only be about 1600-1700 sq. feet you can expect a wide and a times exotic variety to be available. In addition to New York State staples like peas, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and the very ubiquitous zucchini, also look for popcorn, artichokes, cardoons, japanese cucumbers and winter radishes. The asparagus will go in the ground this year but won’t be ready til next year though.

We like to think that we are making our own contribution to this important community resource by donating our used coffee grounds for the farm’s compost. So think of it this way, every morsel you eat of S. Pine Street Farm’s produce this season will include  just a little bit of love from you friends here at HTC.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer at the farm, contact Jesica Clark at: or


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  1. thegenerousweb said:

    brilliant, ain’t it!

  2. glad you liked this week’s blog! Jesica’s doing great work.

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