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Faces of the Valley

When we were searching for the perfect spot to call home for Hudson Coffee Traders we had a wish list of sorts. A beautiful gallery space to hang the work of local artists was right at the top of that list -we think we hit a home run with our Round Room. It never ceases to give us a thrill when a new show gets hung and we get to live with a new artists vision for four whole weeks. This month is certainly no different as we welcome photographer Yvonne Gunner’s work to our walls.

Yvonne’s work has hung in galleries as close to home as Woodstock and Phoenecia, all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and as far away as London.  Her eclectic portfolio includes mixed media pteroglyphs, polaroid dye transfers, landscapes and flower studies. However, it is perhaps  her portraiture that she is best known for. Her clean yet intimate style allows the viewer a peek into the more personal, less revealed side of those who sit before her camera. Micheal Bloomberg, Kofi Annan, John Negroponti, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton are just a few of the luminaries she has been hired to photograph.

“Faces of the Valley” is a collection of portraits Gunner shot when she first moved to the area- the works showcase the rich diversity of faces that call this area home. The show goes up May 1st and will run through June.

To find out more about  Yvonne or to see some of her other work visit her website:

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Comments on: "Faces of the Valley" (4)

  1. What amazing photographs! Thanks for posting this! So much talent in the Hudson Valley!

  2. Thanks Alex! Let’s see if you recongnize and familiar faces!!!

  3. thegenerousweb said:

    that first face is one I know, a talented man, and a worthy capture… the others, probably people worth knowing… have to step up to that.

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