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So what did you do when the temperatures were in the triple digits? Maybe you hid out in the office, went to a triple feature or headed for the hills. All good ideas but if you’re Donna and Tim’s daughters, Katie (11) and Madison (8), you were getting ready to compete in the SOS4KIDS Triathalon.

The July 31st event, held in and around the SUNY New Paltz campus, is an annual competition for 115 athletes ages 7-16.

The younger divisions for kids 7-10 years entails a 100 meters (4 laps across the Suny Olympic sized pool), a 1 mile bike race followed by a 1/2 mile run.

The bar is raised for the 11-16 year olds who swim 200 meters (8 laps), bike 6 miles then run 1 mile. The bike and run courses for the older kids takes them off campus and onto village roads (including Pencil Road which is one steeeeep hill). All competitors receive the coveted FINISHERS T-Shirt and bragging rights for the year.

This will be Madison’s first year competing and Katie’s 4th but her  first in the tougher older division. Both girls are members of the New Paltz Seahawks which has a record 30 kids competing in the SOS this year. Coaches Glen LaPolt and Melissa Gruver hosted a special training session at SUNY last week to get the kids ready, focusing especially on those tricky transitions.  Have you ever tried to tie your sneakers while drying off and rehydrating at the same time? Not easy to do but very important when seconds count.

We are so proud of our athletes. If you’re in New Paltz on Sunday, stop by the SUNY campus and be inspired!


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