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We’re 3!!

If you’re a Facebook friend of ours you might know that we just had a birthday last week. It’s true, we are three years old this month and what an amazing three years it’s been.

One thing we especially love about what we do here at HCT, aside from getting to hang around great coffee all day, is getting to see  you all. You’re a pretty inspiring, interesting, energizing bunch of people. Lawyers, Politicians, Artists, Writers, Techies, Activists, Farmers, Parents, Doctors, Butchers, Bakers and yes, even a Candlestick Maker. Folks from all walks of life come into the shop everyday and we are fortunate enough to get to know you and  learn something about you, our world and ourselves.

And, you may think you know us pretty well too. But do you?

Well, we don’t want there to be any secrets between us, so we’re coming clean. Setting the record straight. After three years together we figured it’s time we clear up a few misconceptions you may have about us here at HCT.

First and foremost: Tim is not from Montana. Nope, he’s a New Paltz boy born and bred. But he did spend a lot of time in Montana and that western cowboy swagger fits him so very well we can understand the assumption.

Lyle Shuler From MAC Fitness was Donna’s first mentor over 20 years ago.

Jenna is from Indiana. 100 % pure Hoosier.

Your favorite Uptown Kingston coffee shop very well could have been Hudson Valley Java if it hadn’t been for  last minute inspiration.

That vault in the bathroom is not where we store our beans, even though we might want to think about that. Actually, the shop was built for a furrier, Leventhal Furriers, and the vault is where she stored her wares. Fur is one fashion statement we are happy to see go by the wayside.

The good folks from the Shamrock Run took all out stirrers so we have decided to make hay and revert to the good old fashioned spoon. Score another one for the green movement.

So, maybe you learned a thing or two about us but we hope you have always known that we love what we do and our customers too!

Photo Credit: Aih


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