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Raspberries Galore

Do you remember back a month ago or so when we were all wondering when the rain would stop and the warm weather would kick in? Well, with a heat wave knocking on our door it may be hard to remember being fed up with rain. However, we remember it and we’re pretty grateful for it right about now because without that long, cool, wet spring the raspberry bushes at Donna and Tim’s place wouldn’t be heavy with the gorgeous red fruit. And, by extension we wouldn’t be able to bring you our delicious homemade raspberry tarts. So, stop in and enjoy the tartlettes while they, and the raspberries, last.

If you’re lucky enough to be lousy with raspberries yourself and have frozen all  you can bear to and have canned enough jam to feed a small army we have a suggestion for you and it’s one that just very well may make you very popular come Christmas time.

Take 16oz of raspberries, washed and hulled, 12oz sugar and 3/4 of litre of a spirits. Whiskey is the traditional way to make a cordial but the clear spirits such as gin, white rum and vodka are nice because they take on a gorgeous berry color.

Sterilize canning jars in hot water then pour the liquor and berries in. Seal and shake well.

Store in a cool, dark place. Shake the jar(s) every day for a month. After that for the next two months you can shake just occasionally. Try to keep them standing for a minimum of three months before using.

When you are ready, strain the liquid through cheese cloth, muslin or a very fine strainer – you don’t want any seeds or bits of fruit to sneak through. Bottle the liquor in a clean and sterile bottle of your choice. Wrap it with a bright ribbon and wish someone you love a very Merry Christmas.

By the way, don’t throw those drunk berries out-  enjoy them over ice cream or any other way you can imagine but go easy on them, they can pack a mighty punch!  Cheers!


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