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#140 Twitter Conference Comes to the Hudson Valley

The 140 Twitter Conference arrives in the Hudson Valley on August 23rd and we are proud to be co-sponsoring the event along with our friends at DragonSearch, Chronogram, Blue Mountain Bistro and the Emerson Resort.

The conference, which will be held at the Seven21 Media Center, 721 Broadway, Kingston, will explore how social media is changing the way we live our lives especially in our rural environs outside of the big cities. Speakers will address a wide variety of questions and issues about how social media changes the way we do business, how we connect with others and how it effects our ideas and understanding of community.

Since 2009 Jeff Pulver has hosted numerous #140 Character Conferences around the world providing a unique opportunity for content users and creators to engage with each other and explore the effects of the real-time internet on individuals, business and society.The Kingston conference will cover a wide variety of topics including “How an online community bridges the gap between small towns and the global stage”, “Finding Talent in the Hudson Valley”, “How Special Media is changing the face of Health Care” to asking “When Should We Introduce Children to Social Media?”Speakers include Ric Dragon from DragonSearch, Ivan Lajara from the Daily Freeman, Lisa Barone and many, many more.

Register now for what is certain to be an informative, fun and engaging day!


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